Boca Gentil Resort i consists of 48 luxury villas and 36 3-bedroom apartments. Every property has his own wide view over the landscaped park and Caribbean Sea.

Boca Gentil has as well daily as night security.

The essence of living at Boca Gentil is found in the feeling of freedom, comfort and safety. Freedom of choice of an available plot: Ocean front or higher up on the site with sea view? Turned to the winds or rather seeking shelter? Freedom in choice of type of villa or apartment. And last but not least, freedom in choosing a specific use for your property: will it be a permanent residence, a vacation villa or an investment? 

Communal sport facilities, a private beach with swimming pool, round the clock security and the option of putting your property in trust, are all there to offer the future residents of Boca Gentil all possible safety and comfort.

Living life in the tropics has been the basic principle.

Architectural Design and Materials
“In designing the homes of Boca Gentil, I have been inspired by the beautiful location. The blue ocean, cooling trade winds and the natural habitat are determinative. 

The villas and apartments fit in a natural way into these special surroundings. The residences will be magnificent beach houses: 'Caribbean design with a modern touch,” says Cees den Heijer, the architect of Boca Gentil. 

With their fresh Caribbean colors and generous eaves roofing, the villas and apartments are typical examples of tropical architectural style. Take the eaves roofing: this keeps the walls cool by the shadow it provides. Totally focused on living in the open air, all residences are fitted with a spacious porch where one can enjoy the cooling trade winds. The lay-out is centered around the outdoors as well: among other things, the kitchen is designed adjoining the porch.

Boca Gentil is located at a unique, natural, ocean front site. Boca Gentils landscaping has been laid out taking its exceptional setting into account.

Besides a comfortable living, Boca Gentil offers her residents ample opportunity for recreation on its premises with amongst other things: communal sports facilities, a spacious and safe children’s playground, and a private beach with a swimming pool. Also planned is, directly bordering the grounds of Boca Gentil, a commercial center with shops and restaurants. It will be open to the public but barred from the residential area.

There is plenty of possibility for walking. The roads leading through Boca Gentil are designed in a way which makes it impossible to drive fast, thus guaranteeing the safety of pedestrians and children. A natural appearance of the roads is created by the choice of materials. The roads are illuminated by so called ‘orientation lights’.

To preserve the natural beauty of Boca Gentil and Curaçao, endurance is of great importance. That is why there full attention has been given to environment-friendly and energy-saving design and construction.

During the development of the grounds, all significant overgrowth has been charted, and insofar possible will be preserved. New plants and trees will only be planted when they are known to grow without (or with minimal use of) pesticides and artificial fertilizer. This prevents pollution of groundwater and damage to sea corals for sediment and sand are both enemies of sea corals.

Water is a scant and precious good on Curaçao. So as to be as efficient and economical as possible with water, Boca Gentil had chosen to make some enactments. There will be a waste water plant which will purify waste water biological for reuse. This recycled water will be put to use for irrigation.

Boca Gentil is a tropical, quiet caribbean ocean front resort with many conveniences, made up of attractive tropical villas and deluxe apartments. 

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